Club Membership FAQ

A collection of frequently asked questions relating to club membership.


What is full club membership?

Becoming a full club member registers you with Basketball England as a member of Great Yarmouth Basketball. Full club members receive insurance cover that allows you to attend training sessions and represent the club in league fixtures. Other perks include an entitlement to vote at the club AGM and invitations to social events throughout the year.

Do I need to be a full club member?

Full club membership is mandatory in order to represent the club in matches and attend training sessions. If you only want to play in recreational sessions (e.g. Open Run) you can register as a casual member at a reduced rate.

What is casual membership?

Casual membership is for individuals who only wish to attend recreational sessions (e.g. Open Run). Casual members are registered with Basketball England for insurance purposes, but not affiliated with Great Yarmouth Basketball and are therefore ineligible to attend coached training sessions, and receive no voting rights or member benefits.

Are there other benefits to being registered with Basketball England?

Yes. Basketball England arranges a number of benefits for its members each season, including reduced rates and pre-sales on tickets for events, and special discounts with various suppliers. For full details please refer to the Basketball England website.

How long is my membership valid for?

Club membership affiliates you with Great Yarmouth Basketball and Basketball England from the date you submit your payment and membership forms until the end of the current season. The Basketball England season runs from September 1st to August 31st. All registrations expire at the end of August.

I'm a new player looking for a club. Do I have to register as a club member before attending my first training session?

No. New members are permitted to attend up to four 'taster' training sessions before club membership is required. New players that have attended the maximum of four sessions must wait to become a registered member of both the club and Basketball England before they are permitted to continue participating.

I'm already registered with Basketball England via another club. Can I attend your sessions?

Players from other clubs who are registered members of Basketball England are permitted to attend 'Open Run' sessions as a Guest, provided they complete the Membership Form to provide proof of BE registration.

I'm a recreational player. Do I still need to register as a club member to attend an Open Run?

Yes. Players who are not registered members of Basketball England are not covered by insurance and are therefore prohibited from participating in sessions. Players who only wish to attend 'Open Run' sessions can apply for a Casual Membership at a discounted rate. Casual members are registered with Basketball England for insurance purposes, but are not permitted to represent the club in fixtures, and receive no voting rights or member benefits. To apply please speak to a club officer.

I'm registered as a casual member for 2018-19. Can I step-up to become a full member?

Yes. Players who have registered as a casual member can pay a top-up fee to become full club members, receiving full member benefits. Please speak with a club officer for further details.


Why is insurance so important?

It is a requirement of Basketball England (and Sentinel Leisure, who operate the Marina Leisure Centre) that clubs maintain insurance cover in order to operate. Whilst not a glamorous subject, insurance is a core part of Basketball England's membership. It means if there is an accident, you will be covered under the terms of Basketball England's insurance. It covers clubs, players, coaches, referees and officials across the country.

Come on, surely I don't need to worry about insurance?

Yes you really do. Even when all reasonable precautions are taken, accidents can and do happen. Most clubs operate as 'unincorporated associations' in the eyes of the law, this means they are not recognised as a legal entity in their own right and therefore when something goes wrong the liability rests with individuals, be they players, coaches, club officers or referees. If you're playing without insurance, or your session isn't being run under the conditions of Basketball England's cover, you may be unprotected and end up being personally liable in the event of an accident. Some clubs are happy to ignore or accept this risk - Great Yarmouth Basketball is proud to say we are not one of them.

What level of cover does Basketball England's insurance provide me with?

At the time of writing, registered members of Basketball England receive Personal Accident Insurance that provides benefits in the event of death, permanent injury or disablement. If you have any questions regarding your Basketball England member insurance please contact Basketball England directly. via the Basketball England website.

I am a registered club member who has been injured. How do I make a claim?

To make a claim against your member insurance please contact the Howden Group via the Basketball England website.


How much does membership cost?

Annual membership fees are detailed in the Club Fees document on the club website, or by referring to the Club Store.

I have submitted my membership form and payment. Am I now a registered club member?

No. Only once your submitted Membership Form and passport photo have been recorded by Great Yarmouth Basketball officers, a registration form been reconciled by Basketball England or a local registrar, and you have been assigned a BE licence number, are you a member.

I have submitted and paid for my registration, how long will it take to be processed?

Great Yarmouth Basketball aim to process all registrations within one week from the date membership forms are submitted and payment has reached our account (if paying via our online Store). Registrations are electronically submitted to Basketball England via club officers, but have to be accepted by the area registrar (Norfolk Basket Ball Association) before Basketball England will issue a license number.

How are membership fees decided?

Fees are reviewed by the club Committee at the end of each season, and any proposed changes for the following year are put to the club membership at the AGM.

Where does the club spend the income generated from membership fees?

Although the club aims to ensure each session and fixture is self-sufficient in its own right, this is rarely possible due to fluctuating player numbers throughout the year. In fact, even with a full team of nine players the club will operate at a loss on match days during the 2018-19 season. Income from membership fees is therefore essential to cover our principal costs of; player registrations (with Basketball England); court hire; referee / table official fees; and equipment (e.g. basketballs, coaching equipment, flyers etc). In addition, it is a requirement of the venue and governing bodies for clubs to maintain qualified coaches, referees, and officials with the appropriate training certifications and DBS checks.

Why are your fees higher than club [x]?

Our pricing is not based on other clubs. Different clubs may have differing venue costs, attendance, aims and ambitions - some clubs are happy to run pick-up sessions amongst friends, whilst others may have longer term goals. Great Yarmouth Basketball is proud to take a long-term view, we invest in our sessions, coaching, and marketing to attract both existing and new players to the sport. The club has ambitious plans to increase the number of sessions we are able to run, and players we are able to cater for. Our fees are set to ensure the club meets its financial commitments for the season ahead, and ensure the long-term viability of the club for future generations. We believe this is a sign of a well-run club.

Is any income taken out of the club?

No. The club operates solely on a non-profit basis. All income generated by the club is reinvested to fund its continued growth and development.

Can I see where the income generated by the club is spent?

Yes. The club publishes a treasurer report and balance sheet each year in its Annual Report, ahead of the AGM. The report can be found in the Club Info area on the website.


Where can I find further information?

For more information about club membership please refer to the Membership Handbook, which is published annually in late August ahead of each new season. For any other queries please contact us at